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Summer Travel Kit

Summer Travel Kit

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Summer adventures are great fun, but they can also leave you jet-lagged and feeling sick to your stomach.

That's why we created the Summer Travel Kit, a simple solution to keeping you feeling your best so you can focus on enjoying your vacation.

Taking Phos Formula is a quick and easy way to battle nausea, including the dreaded travel tummy. Just take one dropperful in a small glass of water to support your stomach when you're feeling green.

Melatonin is a tried-and-true solution to synch your circadian rhythms with local time, and our liposomal formula provides maximum effectiveness. Spray two pumps into your mouth in the evening (after sunset) and rest well on the road. 

Both bottles are small enough to fit conveniently in your handbag, and they each contain less liquid than the TSA limit for carry-ons, making them ideal for long distance travel. 

Buying these two products individually would cost over $44, so you'll save $5 when purchasing them together in this kit! 

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