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Fat Digesting Duo

Fat Digesting Duo

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Bile salts in combination with lipase becomes a dynamo for fat digestion. Called the fat digesting duo, these two work on large and smaller fat molecules and in both acid and alkaline environments. This fungal lipase differs from animal lipase which only works in an acid pH.

The enzymes used in GoodApple Nutritionals Digestive Enzymes are fungal or bacterial in origin. In the case of lipase, they are fungal. And fungal lipase works differently from human lipase. For one thing, fungal lipase functions at a much wider pH range than human lipase. Therefore, the fungal lipase in this product starts working in the stomach, and it continues to work down into the small intestine.

Lipase usually operates best in a high pH, which is found in the small intestine where bile salts, which are approximately 7-8 pH, are secreted. So, within the small intestine, the addition of bile salts increases the activity of lipase simply by virtue of the alkalinity. Bile salts also increase the surface area of the fat droplets so that lipase has better access to the fat.

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