After Gallbladder Removal Consultation Package


Many people live with symptoms months or years after having their gallbladder removed. There are reasons for these symptoms and there are natural and/or medicinal protocols for supporting those symptoms. Understanding where they come from can help determine what to do. Let our health practitioner consult with you and walk you through a program to help you get your life back.


What’s included:

New patient intake consultation and plan = $180
4 x 20 minute Follow-ups @ $80 each = $320
After-Gallbladder Removal Diet Foods List
3 x 30 minute conferences that will be recorded @$15 = $45

  • Why we get symptoms after gallbladder removal
  • Do I need to eat differently without a gallbladder
  • Why people gain weight after gallbladder removal and what to do to avoid it

Plus a 10% discount on all gallbladder products for 3 months (does not include special orders)



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