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  • After Gallbladder Removal Consultation Package

    Many people live with symptoms months or years after having their gallbladder removed. There are reasons for these symptoms and there are natural and/or medicinal protocols for supporting those symptoms. Understanding where they come from can help determine what to do. Let our health practitioner consult with you and walk you through a program to help you get your life back.

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  • Fat Digesting Duo

    Bile salts in combination with lipase becomes a dynamo for fat digestion. Called the fat digesting duo, these two work on large and smaller fat molecules and in both acid and alkaline environments. This fungal lipase differs from animal lipase which only works in an acid pH.

  • Gallbladder Formula Elite

    Bile Salts, herbs and nutrients designed to support bile flow and gallbladder function, gas & bloating, indigestion & inflammation. Use before or after gallbladder removal.